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Couples retreat

Share an adventure together

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Couples retreat

Share and adventure in the wild south west

(You do not need to be experienced) 

Share an adventure in the wild southwest!
(This is for you who are not very experienced in the wilderness)
Everyday life is full of duties and obligations, and when the weekend comes, there is often no room for creativity and initiative. The dream of a bonfire, sparkling starry sky and silence is postponed for another weekend ..
Let us give you a little break from everyday life. We arrange an atmospheric tent site, campfire, breakfast in the tent opening and a little push out of the comfort zone.
What you get:
  • short hike to a carefully selected tent site
  • tips and advice for setting up tents and making campfires
  • supper on a campfire or in a cooking pit
  • breakfast 
  • guided tour including rappelling for those who want to
What you need:
  • drinking bottle
  • clothes according to weather and extra shifts
  • sleeping bag*
  • sleeping pad *
  • tent*
  • storm kitchen (if you have and want to get acquainted with it. Otherwise we have)
Price NOK 1495, - per person.
Minimum 4 people (2 couples)

* Equipment can be rented 
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