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Welcome hiking with us!
We look forward to taking you on a hike in the Magma UNESCO Global Geopark. Here we have everything from beach to high mountains. Our guide will meet you at the agreed place, and tell you about today's trip - what we will see and a little about what is smart to think about when we walkabout.
You may want to bring the following - depending on weather and hiking conditions:
• Food and drink
• Extra sweater
• Dry socks
• Shell clothing (jacket and trousers)
• Seat pads
• Mobile phone. Remember: there is not always coverage and charging options on the go.
• Camera (if you are not just using your phone)
• Thermos with hot drinks is always a hit
• Sunglasses
• Sunscreen
• Hat mittens, caps
• Medicine
• Mountain boots. It is always wet in Norwegian nature!
• Snacks! Makes people happy 😊

The guide has safety equipment.
You are required to fill out a responsibility form  before departure. We do digitally on the phone before we stroll along. The guide will then also need to know if anyone has medical conditions that it may be good to know about.
We look forward to show you our playground 😊

Regards Cathrine and Kjetil

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